The primary purpose of this site is to be a home to many of my book reviews. I have tried to organize them in a meaningful fashion, but have not yet mastered display technology at WordPress, at least not to my satisfaction, so that effort remains ongoing. The reviews are grossly divided into Fiction and Non-Fiction, with sub-categories below each. I hope you like what you read here. The entirety of my review collection can be seen on Goodreads, at least until Amazon decides to pollute those waters. For now clicking on the Goodreads link at the top of this site will take you there. I have many more reviews in GR than I do, or will have here.

One response to “Reviews

  1. davidallencase

    Hi… I’ve been looking at your reviews on Goodreads, you are passionate and well-spoken. Will you consider reading HIDE Omnibus for an honest review and a free ebook?



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