Two Suns

Oahu Sunset 550

Harris sat on the picnic table, hugged his triceps with gloved hands through a down jacket. His first night in this new place was about to begin. So much of what he had seen was just like home, he wondered if he were dreaming, and would wake to familiar surroundings. He had never before watched two suns set on the same horizon.

2 responses to “Two Suns

  1. Rachael Charmley

    All of your beginnings are very good. Some lend themselves to short stories, others could easily be for longer pieces. I particularly liked the way you planted seeds of a plot- it made me want to read more- very tantalizing. Also, the way you describe the landscape involves the reader beautifully- I really felt I was there. I hope you develop some if these beginnings. 🙂


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