Hi Everyone,

I’m Will. I have been posting reviews on Goodreads since 2008, 783 as I write this, if you can believe that. If you are serving a particularly lengthy prison sentence you may find reading all of them a way to help pass the time. I will not be porting all of those over here. I might need a prison sentence of my own (always a possibility) to have the time. I have provided a link to GR where you may wander through them all at your leisure, if you get that urge.

The impetus for starting this blog was the purchase of Goodreads by Amazon. I am very concerned that Amazon will alter the rather comfortable setup so many of us enjoy at GR, and I wanted to have a safe haven for my babies before that day arrives.

I am a 60-something Boomer, thus the “Coot” of the title. I have had a few careers, which is not unusual these days. I still work full time. I have even done a bit of freelance book-editing, but am not in the publishing field beyond that and never have been. If you want to be pissy, I guess an exception might be the newsletters I wrote for the little league teams I managed. But other than that, not in publishing. Ok? Jeez!

You will not find images of me here. I have a face made for radio and a voice made for print.

It should be known that my book goddess, my wife, works at Harper Collins. So if you believe that negates my reviews for Harper books, be my guest. In fact, she has no say in what I write and only rarely reads my little offerings even after I post. If you have a concern about whether I am a mole, secretly flogging Rupert product, I suggest you read a few reviews and see for yourself whether you think I am an honest reviewer, or not.

The image in the header is a photo of I took from Brooklyn Bridge Park of the lower Manhattan skyline. I have a couple hundred more from the park on Flickr. Also on Flickr, I started writing the beginnings of stories that insinuated themselves into my tiny mind while looking at some of the photos I had posted. I have made a set there, called Beginnings, and have begun porting those to the Beginnings Menu item here. I hope to add more to the seven I have written so far, both on Flickr and here.

What else? I am a native Noo Yawkah, and do the accent quite nicely when upset. I have lived or worked in all five boroughs (and a few parts of Joisey, as well) and even did an undergrad semester in London back in the 70s.

I am still pondering what to include in this blog, whether to expose some short pieces of fiction and non-fiction I have written, and poems I wrote for my kids (three, all grown) some years back.

As of August 2013, this blog is still in its infancy. I do not really know what I am doing with it yet and am far from having mastered the medium.


13 responses to “About

  1. “I have a face made for radio and a voice made for print.” with a bio like that, what’s not to like?


  2. What a great blog. When you have a moment, check out this new historical novel about, of course, Brooklyn on goodreads . . . https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25942936-exile-on-bridge-street

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  3. Hello Will, would you be interested in reviewing my novella “Pulse: When Gravity Fails”? It is a thriller with a hint of sci-fi. I can send the printed version.
    More details on my website:

    Thank you in advance.

    John Freitas

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  4. I do hope you will crosspost all your GoodReads reviews here. Not just due to the Amazon concern (GR may go down at any time), but just that the blog medium is far more pleasing to the eye to read long detailed reviews. There should be scripts or tools that can help you achieve this.

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  5. An amusing and lighthearted intro to yourself and your blog – nice one 🙂 Just a quick heads up, Ive made volume one of my poetry book free on Smashwords now so if you get chance to check it out let me know what you think – be nice 🙂

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  6. What a lovely collection. I hope you will keep them coming…

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  7. Ben

    Thanks for the follow. Good stuff here. -ben

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  8. H. Balikov

    Congratulations on starting this journey, Will. I, too, am interested to see where it leads.

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  9. I follow you on Goodreads and always like your reviews. I wanted to print a copy of your review of The Son, which my wife just finished reading. Printing a copy from your blog seemed easier that printing a copy from Goodreads. Vic Carson

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  10. Meg

    I think it’s great you started this blog. I like your reviews very much!

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  11. What a great intro. Makes me want to read your comments, reviews and general thoughts.

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